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Phở Devstack 1.0

Automated workflow for front-end developers in one tasty bowl of code.

Compiling, minifying, auto-refreshing, CSS prefixing, image sprites…

Taste it now, it’s free!


npm install -g gulp yo generator-pho

Copy and paste this into the Terminal. Then create a new project.

Based on:


See the CSS, JavaScript and HTML updates instantly

LiveReload done right

Switching to a browser window to reload the page is an unnecessary pain.

Phở Devstack reloads the browser automatically when the build is done. And if you only edit a Less file, the page styles are replaced in the browser without reloading.

CSS preprocessor with a kick-ass mixin library

Sass and Less compilation

A CSS preprocessor extends CSS with features like nested rules, mixins or variables. It’s great for readable stylesheets. Phở Devstack currently supports Less and Sass preprocessors.

With Less Hat mixin library you can forget about vendor prefixes and you don’t even have to learn new syntax.

npm’s "require" function for front-end developers

Browserify JS modules

Client-side JavaScript is yet to have a built-in module system. With Browserify you can require(’modules’) just like with Node.js.

“The secret to building large apps is never build large apps.”
- Justin Meyer

Image sprites, image optimization and base64

Auto image optimization

Images can take a significant portion of web page size. Phở Devstack has several options to prevent wasting of users’ bandwidth with large images.

Small images are encoded in the CSS file with base64 and larger images are optimized. You can even select which images will be grouped in a sprite.

Enable or disable any Phở Devstack module


Every project based on Phở Devstack has its own config file which is part of a Gulpfile. You can disable modules you don’t need or reconfigure them.

We provide reasonable defaults and options in the config file are well documented.

No more manual
package updating

Easy updating

It’s hard to stay up to date when you have to manage a lot of projects. Phở Devstack is distributed as a npm package so it’s easier to update everytime a new version is released.

Read more on GitHub.

Generating a new project is a piece of cake with Yeoman!

Yeoman generator

Learn how to create a new project in the docs.

Future timeline

Take a look at our feature timeline

  • February 2014

    • Initial commit
  • May 2014

    • Launch v1.0
  • June 2014

    • Support for more languages (Sass, CoffeeScript)

    • Better Windows support

    • Support for integrating third-party libraries

    • Version 2.0

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